Set for The Last 5 Years

I painted this set at Seacoast Repertory Theatre.   It’s been my favorite space to work in for more than a decade.  I was supposed to have a week to paint this, but, because of scheduling problems I was left with 2 days. Yep. Two. Days.  I got it done.  They were two supremely long days.  If you’ve never worked in theatre you may not know that the hours can be absolutely crazy.  But, you do what you gotta do,right?   And we all do it for love.  I think that that’s a big part of what always draws me back.  Each of us crazy tech people, we LOVE what we do.  It’s a prerequisite.  You have to love this work to do it for any length of time.

I’ve included a copy of the elevation (the pic provided by the designer which illustrates how they want the set to look) and a shot of what the set looked like beforehand(after the build, before paint).  The flower drop is partially painted on scrim and partially painted directly on the stage.  All of the ‘wooden’ platforms are painted to look like wood.

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