All my life I have loved making things & making them beautiful.  As a child I enjoyed & mastered many traditional crafts but painting became my favorite.  I went on to study Art at UNH, graduating in 1994, and have focused on painting whatever I could get my hands on ever since.  For more than 20 years I’ve been using my talents in homes, businesses, on theatrical stage sets, & on film sets.  I can change the color of a room or give you a view in a room where there isn’t one.  Would you like bird flying on your ceiling or an owl in a night sky?  I can do that too.  I make floors look like marquetry and walls look like brick.  I’ve painted many wooden surfaces to look like stone and once even painted a stone counter to look like wood.  I also do gilding, custom stenciling, and refinish furniture. In between projects, I work in my studio in oil on canvas and sometimes watercolor on paper.

I was born an raised in NH, but now happily reside in NC.  I have a wonderful man, 2 cats, 12 gray hairs, lots of books, and a magic closet. I dream of an island where it never snows.