The Wine Cellar

What a great project.  I loved this one despite the discomfort of the chilly, climate controlled room.  The owner asked for a window with a view of  vineyard, stone walls , & grapevines.  I thought it came out nicely.   What a shame it only gets seen when someone goes to the cellar to grab a bottle.Read more

Over the Hot Tub

This project was a family affair.   It was the Mom that wanted the mural.   She wanted a view with mountains, fields, grape vines and  a marble columned trellis.   The Dad wanted the bottle of wine on the center panel.   He actually selected a bottle from his wine cellar for me to work from.   The daughter chose the kitten, which is my best homage to Graham Rust.   The son wanted the hummingbird.   I think I created a successfullyRead more