Theatrical Signs

I painted these for 4 different shows in 3 different theatres.   I had fun working on The Full Monty.   Painting under black lights is trippy.   Pretty Lady is so pretty, isn’t she?  It’s an homage to Tamara De Lempica’s work.  I can’t remember what show the General Store sign is for.  The vintage Pepsi sign & the bunting were for Damn Yankees.Read more

The Counting House Shingle

I painted this shingle for a production of A Christmas Carol.  I’ve painted this show at least 6 times and this is my favorite sign I did for any of them.  It helped that the designer & carpenters conspired to give me a beautifully made surface to work on.  Such a lovely shape.  The letters have some real gold leaf in them broken up with paint to age it down.  It looked great under the lights. Just the right amountRead more

The Story Book Drop

I painted this  back drop in two days.  I had to work with the fabric hanging from the fly rail, which is double tough.  Have you ever tried to paint something that sways back and forth?  It’ll make you crazy! (Pro tip: staple the hem to the floor. )  I included the preliminary drawing I made for the director.  We chose the illustrations later. This was for a production of Into the Woods at New Bern Civic Theatre.  I hearRead more

The Neverland Banner

I painted this banner for a 2005 production of Peter Pan at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre.  It was a companion to the Pirate Banner.   The venue is a three-quarter thrust stage and has no fly system.  Thus the use of small banners that can be taken out in other ways.  The image is based on a Rockwell Kent illustration.   I believe it was about 6′ x 12′. Read more

The Pirate Banner

I painted this Pirate Banner for Peter Pan at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre in 2005.  Loved this production.  The original design had a cigarette held between  the teeth but the director nixed it.  Not a good example for the kids, I guess.  I would’ve added to the badness look, but I still love it.  One of my favorites.  I think the dimensions were 6’x12′.Read more